Stage or She-Stopped

Stage or She – Stopped

four-channel video installation dimensions vary, 2009/10

(4 video, wooden stage (optional), RGB LED lighting, reflectors, dresses on hangers, polyurethane fabric, digital prints A4, balloons)


video 1: Panning Left to Right, 2:25-min video loop, sound

video 2: Panning Up and Down, 04:54-min video loop

video 3: Panning, 56-sec video loop, sound

video 4: Zooming Out, 43-sec video loop


author: Kristina Horvat Blažinović

camera and editing: Kristina Horvat Blažinović

photos for video Zooming out: Mario Jakšić

model in video: Smiljana Šafarić Bunić

sound: Antun Toni Blažinović

sound editing: Kristina Horvat Blažinović


1. Stage or She-Stopped

A four-channel video installation called Stage or She–Stopped is organized as a theatre “situation”. On an illuminated medium-sized stage or, alternatively, in an empty middle-sized room/pavilion, there are four non-synchronized video projections: two of them on the walls and two on TV monitors.

Scenographic elements presented in the video, and the performer’s clothing keep repeating in a physical space (on stage) as part of scenography.

Videos 1, 2 and 3 show a segment of an identical interior in which, always at the same spatial position, like an exhibit, the performer strikes a variety of static poses. She is paused, “frozen” at some stage of an activity or movement (e.g., in combat action, during rotation, as determined, erotic, etc.).

In videos 1 and 2, in the horizontal, i.e. vertical panorama, without stopping, camera voyeuristically captures space as theatrical scenery and a woman who at every passing of a camera wears a different dress and assumes another frozen pose of a hypothetical motion.

Video 3 is constructed by static photos of the same situation that in a progressive sequence illustrates the effect of a “negative” zoom (from the body detail to the medium shot). Video 4 shows a horizontal panorama of the same area without the woman.


The work is based on the contrast and permeation of the static and dynamic, physical and virtual, personal and public space. It raises the issue of volatility and variability of an identity (of a woman) in the context of public (social – required and expected), and individual situations.



Additional information:

The size of the stage or room (pavilion): approx 350 x 250x 60 cm (dimensions and layout vary depending on the character and parameters of a location).


Technical requirements:

2 video projectors

2 TV monitors (dimensions vary)

4 DVD players

4 reflectors


Self-standing hanger


Optional: constructed stage, dimensions cca 350x250x60 cm