Welcome – Goodbye

An interactive multi-channel video installation, September 2013.


6 LCD monitors with speakers (2×3) dimensions vary, 2 computers (with Arduino software and VLC player installed), 2 Arduino controllers with ultrasound sensors, 2 video signal splitters, cables, multicoloured paper flags.


Installation is set up in an empty space that is decorated with a multicoloured flag string stretching throughout the whole space.

Two separate configurations, each containing: group of three LCD monitors, a computer, video signal splitter and Adruino device with ultrasound sensor, are arranged on the wall.

On all three monitors of the same group single video loop is reproduced, showing several static and panoramic video shots of the empty installation room. The same is with the other installation monitor group, showing the same motif but that the video loop slightly differs.

When a visitor stands in front of the screens (ei Adruino sensor), she activates the software and the video loop stops. Another video appears showing the author of the piece saying: “Welcome!”. After the greeting, a video loop of the empty room continued. Every time the sensor is interrupted by a visitor, computer software selects each time the other out of seven “Welcomes” by the principle of the randomness. Greetings videos slightly vary in composition and mood of the greeting author.

The same process happens with the other screen group, with the difference that the author is saying: “Goodbye!” instead of “Welcome!”.

Language in video: Croatian, English subtitles


The interactive piece occupies the problem of today fast and surface perception, surface human relationship and the way we experience. We are enjoying the spectacle of emptiness and non content and the most important and impressive moments are the moments of coming and leaving – with no-matter and irrelevant in between. Uses of multi-screens emphasizes the importance of greetings.



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